Actife Partners Meet Again!

March of 2019 saw the Actife consortium meeting for a second time, this time hosted by the coordinating partner, CIVIC, in Edinburgh, Scotland and attended by all partners of the consortium. 

The meeting began with an introduction and welcome by the hosts, and a bit of information about CIVIC. Discussions kicked off in earnest then with agenda items covering financial planning, ongoing tasks, and reviews of completed items. They continued, following a lunch break, with a review of upcoming tasks and activities to be completed, including productive discussions about how to go about completing these tasks. This section of the meeting then closed with an intensive deliberative session on the third intellectual output - the serious game. Partners were presented with examples of such games that could be used as inspiration and discussed how to achieve their goals with all the potential iterations of such a tool. Finally, the meeting wound down with updates on the status of dissemination and quality, before partners confirmed the proposed next meeting date as the 3rd September in Valencia, Spain.